Whether it's your very first time climbing or it's been awhile, we're glad you chose Tallahassee Rock Gym.


First things first, ALL visitors, climbers, and belayers must have a waiver


Next, determine what type of climbing (roped or bouldering)and what gear will be required.  


Our BELAY/INTRO class includes everything needed for top-roping and even includes a coupon for a return visit, All rope climbers over 15 must be belay certified.                

Finally, chalk up and grab rock! It's time for you to come climb! But if you have questions, we get that too, check out our first time climbers FAQ!

Gear Rentals




Any age can climb, but

you must be at least 15 years of age and belay certified in order to belay.


You can book your Belay/Intro class

ahead of time here.


Frequently asked questions

What is Belaying/Belayer?

Belaying is the act of securing a roped climber by using a belay device and climbing rope to minimize the impact of a fall. The belayer is responsible for the climber who ios climbing on their rope. Duties of belayers include: taking up slack as the climber ascends, catching falls, lowering, and double checking the climber's harness and tie-in. In order to belay you must 15 years old or older and successfully complete a belay class ($30, $10 for members) or belay test out (free).​

Do I need a belay class?

All top-rope climbers and belayers who are 15 years old and older who cannot "Test Out" using proper belay technique and tie-in when walking in the door require a belay class. If you, your kids, or your friends are planning on rope climbing during public hours, you must know how to belay. Remember belaying is a critical part of a climber's system: If it has been a while since you have belayed please be prepared to complete a class if you cannot "Test Out" with 100% proficiency on a ATC/tube style belay device using a PBUS/AMGA/CWA style belay technique.

What is Bouldering?

Bouldering is climbing on low structures without the use of ropes, though usually with spotters and crash pads. This type of climbing usually has shorter sequences and requires more gymnastic type movement. Every fall while bouldering results in a ground fall. Bouldering is a great exercise in problem solving and builds technique and power in climbing, this type of climbing does not require a belayer or partner although spotters are highly reccomended. Bouldering in our gym is limited to a maximum height of your height off the ground. Example: If you're six feet tall, your feet should never be more than 6ft above the padded floor.

​How old do I have to be to climb?

We do not have an age minimum in order to climb, although we find that 5 years and older is a good general age. Every child is different in body strength and awareness. We have had climbers as young as 3 years old climb successfully and happily. Children under 14 years old must be under direct adult supervision at all times while in the climbing gym. You must be 15 years or older in order to Belay other climbers.

Do I need an appointment?

For climbing during public hours no appointments are needed. Please keep in mind that if you need a belay class the last one starts 1.5 hours before closing. If you are bringing a group please visit our Group/Birthdays page for information, availablilty and booking.

Do I need experience or special equipment?

No, not at all. Both bouldering and rope climbing is open to all skill levels and our belay class can have first time climbers climbing in 45-60 minutes and includes all the climbing equipment needed. High quality climbing equipment is also available for rent or purchase.

Winter Hours:          Mon-Sun 12-10

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